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O EIMAD é um evento dedicado à discussão científica nas áreas do Design e da Música. Tem revisão paritária cega (peer blind review).


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In each edition of EIMAD we seek to ensure the quality, diffusion, impact and indexation of our editions, in order to increase the notoriety and citations of the texts entrusted to us.


In this EIMAD edition, papers were organized into short or long articles.

The long papers are published in English in Springer’s book “Advances in Design, Music and Arts: 7th Meeting of Research in Music, Arts and Design, EIMAD 2020, May 14-15, 2020” to be submitted for identification. ISI Proceedings, Google Scholar and Springerlink.

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After 7th EIMAD, the authors of the best papers were invited to write an unpublished chapter in one of the following books:

– “Perspectives on Design: Research, Education and Practice II” to be edited at the Springer Series in Design and Innovation.

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Short papers are published in Portuguese or Spanish in the book “Research and Teaching in Design and Music” Vol. II, from the Convergências Research Books Collection, IPCB Editions.

– “Perspectives on Music, Sound and Musicology: Research, Education and Practice” and is part of the Springer Series in“ Systematic musicology ”and has as editors: Luísa Correia Castilho, Rui Dias e José Francisco Pinho.


Revista Convergências 22

All papers approved by the double blind review system under the 6th EIMAD, were published in two issues in the Convergências – Journal of Research and Teaching of the Arts, Editions IPCB: VOL XI (21) and VOL XI (22).

In addition, the authors of the best articles were invited to write a post-congress book chapter entitled “Perspective on Design: Research, Education and Practice”, published at the Springer Series in Design and Innovation (SSDI) by the editors: Daniel Raposo, João Neves and José Silva.

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The call for papers evaluated by a double blind review system started at the 5th EIMAD, which is why we started editing in the same year 2017.
At the same time as the decision to focus on the double-blind review system, it was decided not to edit a minute book and look for other more effective ways to disseminate and impact the results. It was in this sequence that the articles were published as chapters of the book “Research and the teaching in Design and Music”, iin partnership with a stand-alone editorial project named “Convergences Research Books” from IPCB Editions.

During 5th EIMAD the following abstract book was distributed.