Cultural Program

16 Mai 2020
10:00 - 13:00

Cultural Program

The cultural program includes a route through three spaces located in the old town of Castelo Branco, which make up the Network of Museums and Cultural Facilities of the Municipality.

This route consists of a visit to the Cargaleiro Museum, the Francisco Tavares Proença Júnior Museum and ends at the House of Memória de la Presencia Judía, occupying the Saturday morning, February 24 and ends with a convivial lunch.

The participation in this cultural program implies a specific and autonomous inscription to the scientific program of EIMAD.
More information:

09: 30m – Meeting of the participants in front of the Town Hall / Town Hall and departure for the historical center / Museo Cargaleiro.
10: 00m – Visit to the Cargaleiro Museum.
11: 00m – Visit to the Francisco Tavares Proença Júnior Museum.
12: 00m – Visit to the Memory House of the Jewish Presence in Castelo Branco.
13: 00m – Lunch at Kalifa Restaurant.

The Cargaleiro Museum is located in the heart of the Historical Zone of the city and its main objective is the dissemination, study and conservation of the pieces that make up the collection of the Art Collection of the Manuel Cargaleiro Foundation. An objective that translates into the promotion and organization of long-term temporary or temporary exhibitions.

The Francisco Tavares Proença Júnior Museum was created in 1910 by the archaeologist who received the name etem as a mission the dissemination of local and regional heritage considered expressive of the identity of the communities in the region of influence of the Museum.

The House of Memory of the Jewish Presence in Castelo Branco is a tribute to the ancient Jewish Community that lived in the city and contributed strongly to the commercial and economic development of the city and a tribute to the Memory of all those who were persecuted or killed at the hand of the Inquisition.