Research and the teaching in Design and Music

The 5th EIMAD was the first edition with call for papers evaluated by system of review double blind, reason why the editions also began in the same year of 2017.
Simultaneously with the decision to bet on the doubly blind review system, it was decided not to edit a book of minutes and to look for other more effective ways in terms of dissemination and impact of the results. It was in this sequence that the articles were published as chapters of the book “Research and the teaching in Design and Music”, inserted in a partnership with an autonomous editorial project called “CONVERGENCES RESEARCH BOOKS” of Edições IPCB.
The book is for free download.

During the EIMAD the following book of abstracts was distributed.

Journal Convergences and editions by Sringer

From the 6th EIMAD, all papers papers approved by the double blind review system, will be published in the Convergences – Journal of Research and Teaching of Arts, of IPCB Editions.


In addition, the authors of the best articles are invited to write a book chapter post congress, whose first results will be published by Springer.

The book “Perspectives on design: Research and Pratice in communication design, fashion design, interior design, product design and intersection areas”, is included in the Springer Series in Design and Innovation (SSDI) and has as editors: Daniel Raposo, João Neves and José Silva.

The book “Perspectives in musicology: Research through practice and grounded in theory in music and musicology” and is included in the Springer Series in “Systematic musicology” and has as editors: Francisco Pinho and José Raimundo.


There will be more information soon.